Martial Arts Equipment
For sale

Below a list of martial arts equipment for sale at Tricore MMA in Cape Town & Paarl.


Boxing gloves – Shen                               R 450

Boxing gloves – Shen leather                  R 450

Elbow guard                                              R  80

Groin guard                                               R 180

MMA Gloves – pro                                    R 330

MMA Gloves – amateur                           R 330

Hand wraps                                               R  70

Mouth guard                                             R  84

Head guard (for K1)                                 R 440

Shin pad - Muay Thai                                R 550

Shin socks                                                   R 190


Vest – Tricore old style                             R 200

Vest – Tricore new                                    R 200

Thai shorts                                                 R 300

MMA shorts – branded                           R 400  

The above was correct at the time of writing this article and can change at any time.

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