8 Week Fitness Challenge

As I am writing this article I’ve just completed my 8 week fitness challenge.  Even though this challenge included a cash winning price, it was accepted by myself to force me into an even more healthy lifestyle I was living already.

The challenge consisted out of the following components and the winner was evaluated on the total best performance of all of them.

  1. Amount of body fat percentage loss
  2. Amount of weight loss
  3. Completing a set fitness workout (as explained below) and holding plank position until failure

At the end of the challenge my results were as follows:

  1. Weight loss from 75kg to 70.5kg
  2. Body fat loss from 13,7% to 10.00%
  3. Fitness workout 13 rounds in 10 minutes
  4. Plank hold for 7:00:68 

So how did I manage to do this?

My daily diet routine was more or less as follows:

Breakfast: Plain yoghurt, whey protein powder, chia seeds, linseeds and hemp seeds

10am snack: Green apple (Granny smith) OR small hand of nuts OR Rye vita with peanut butter

Lunch: Ostrich meat OR chicken fillets OR salmon with green vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli. I also used carrots and mushroom. For the fat burning effect I included a variety of chilies in the meals.

3a snack:  Green apple (Granny smith) OR small hand of nuts OR Rye vita with peanut butter

Dinner: The remainder (and small portion) of lunch OR a whey protein shake.

Every day included a lot of water and an about 6 cups of green tea.  

The fitness workout routine was follows:

  • You will do 5 consecutive exercises with 5 repetitions each – This will be one round.
  • The HIIT workout are a total of 10 minutes and you will do as many rounds as possible
  • Do your best to keep the workout flowing. Rest only if you really need to. Remind yourself of the end result and keep your focus. This workout will most definitely push your limits and test your mindset.   

The 5 workouts are as follows:

  • Burpees x 5
  • Sit – ups x 5 (hand touching behind your when you lie down and in front on the ground when you sit up.
  • Push ups x 5
  • Jumping squads x 5
  • Sit throughs x 5

Initially I managed to complete 10 rounds, but with assistance and motivation from a group of friends I managed to get to 13.

This is my take after the 8 week challenge:

I am proud of my improvement too others but to myself. Growth (in fitness, business and personal life) is about you and how improved as an individual.  Do not compare yourself to others, but to your yester you.  Keep training and live a healthy lifestyle, because it does not only improve just your fitness or health but also ability as a better more improved employee, entrepreneur or just merely individual.

Happy training, and well done if you also want to take on an 8-week fitness challenge.

If you want to make a change in healthy lifestyle or need motivation or assistance with your fitness transformation, feel free to contact me below.


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